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Dermatology consultation

We offer an integrated service in which we are able to help with any concerns which you may have relating to your skin, whether medical, surgical or aesthetic. This may include break-outs, skin rashes, skin growths and complexion issues. A consultation may last up to 45 minutes.

A dermatology consultation can also be utilised for a head to toe skin and mole check. This will ensure your skin and moles are healthy and there are no issues you may not have spotted. This is like a skin “MOT”.

Aesthetic consultation

If you want to look your best using proven, modern, non-invasive treatments, then we suggest a facial aesthetic consultation. This is a consultation for the treatment of the signs of ageing, wrinkles and unbalanced facial features and proportions with non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as injectable neurotoxins, fillers and Tixel. You will receive a bespoke treatment strategy designed to give you natural results. A consultation may last up to 30 minutes.

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