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Skin sagging

Why does skin sagging occur?

Skin sagging is the downward descent of the skin and soft tissues. This creates skin folds, and deep lines. There are three main reasons why skin sagging occurs.

The bony skeleton gradually shrinks as we get older. This means that the facial bones become smaller. The skin does not shrink with age, and this means that there develops a relative surplus of skin overlying the bones. This leads to overhanging seen as skin sagging. Many of the filler injections carried out to improve skin sagging are placed on the bone, to strengthen the thinning bones.

Fatty tissue under the skin becomes thicker in some areas as we get older. This adds to the weight of the face and causes folds to occur.

Ligaments hold the skin to the bone on the face. With ageing, these ligaments become weaker and so the skin is less well stuck on to the bone. The skin therefore tends to descend.

How is facial sagging treated?

Following a detailed consultation, our Dermatologists will be able to offer you treatments which are tailored to the type, severity and distribution of skin sagging which you have. Treatment is geared towards the underlying causes of the skin sagging. A combination of treatments is usually required.

  • Muscle relaxing injections are used to weaken the muscles which pull downwards on the face allowing a degree of lift.
  • Facial fillers are used strategically to both enhance the facial skeleton and to support the weak ligaments.
  • Thermal ablation with Tixel is used to tighten the skin directly.
  • Extreme cases of skin sagging may require surgery.

Treatments for skin sagging at Belgravia Dermatology

  • Detailed consultation and skin analysis by a Dermatologist to design an individualised treatment plan

  • A bespoke skin care regime to suit your skin type

  • A  strategy to correct the problem using non-surgical treatments

  • A  strategy to maintain the benefits over time

How effective are treatments for skin sagging?

Treatments for skin sagging are very effective, depending on its severity. Our Dermatologist pride themselves in recommending and delivering treatments that provide a natural result, and fit the facial features of the individual in order to maintain balance and harmony.

What should I do next?

If you would like assessment and treatment of lines and wrinkles then please arrange to see one of our Dermatologists who will be happy to help.

“A number of causes are responsible for the development of skin sagging. Our Dermatologists pride themselves in delivering treatments which treat the underlying cause with natural results.”