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Chin fillers in London

Chin fillers are a popular treatment in which dermal fillers are used to enhance the chin. Chiselled, defined, or blended naturally – as our doctors specialise in chin fillers, it is no surprise that chin fillers are among the top 3 areas for fillers at Belgravia Dermatology. The concept of chin fillers can seem unusual at first but the chin is a really important three dimensional feature of the face. Both men and women see positive benefits from chin fillers. In our specialist hands, many will benefit from tweaks to the chin to keep it looking its best.

Dermal fillers are injected in different parts and layers of the chin, depending on where the weaknesses are. Each person will have their own weaknesses that can be corrected with chin fillers. It’s down to the eye of the practitioner to decide where the best areas are to sculpt the chin. Many of our patients prefer gradual changes to the chin so the transformation can go unnoticed. This is very possible with chin fillers.

Chin fillers often form part of a more global facial rejuvenation and enhancement plan. To see our strategy for natural results click here.

What can chin fillers achieve?

The chin is assessed in three dimensions and reviewed from the front and side. Depending on your needs, chin fillers can help to:

  • Increase the length of the chin. This is visible from the front and ideal if the chin is short. The rule of thirds can help guide if the chin is too short relative to the other facial features.
  • Increase the projection of the chin. This is visible from the side view. It is ideal if the chin stops too short relative to the lips. This can even help retrognathia, a condition where the chin sits too far back relative to the cheeks. This can also help with microgenia, a condition in which the chin is underdeveloped. The angle between the eyebrows-nose-chin should be 165-175 degrees. If this angle is less, then the chin needs is not projecting enough. Another way of assessing if the chin is too far back is to look at it in relation to the lower lip. If the chin is behind the lower lip then it may benefit from a subtle enhancement. If the chin is at or behind the labiomental crease, then it most definitely requires enhancement.
  • Reduce the chin crease. This is visible from the front and side views. Chin fillers reduces the deep crease that some people get, and also stops the ‘C’ shaped hooking of the chin which happens with ageing.
  • Increase or decrease the width of the bottom of the chin. Dermal fillers allow artistry in shaping how the chin ends. Women look best with a rounded chin that tapers gently. The width of the female chin is no greater than the distance between the inside corners of the eyes (the intercanthal distance). Some women may have a chin that is too broad, which looks masculine, or a chin that is too pointy, which can look imbalanced. Men look best with a strong, square chin.
    Build up the dips to the side of the chin if present. These are the prejowl sulcus.
  • Build up the Marionette creases. Filler along the lines between the lip and chin can reduce the folds here.
  • To erase a chin dimple.
  • To reduce too much dimpling of the chin especially if there is an overactive mentalis muscle. Some people call this effect ‘myomodulation’. Some times chin fillers need to be combined with Botox injections for this complaint.

How do I know if I need chin fillers?

It may not be immediately obvious as our eyeline is not directly drawn to the chin. If you take a ruler and measure the distance from the chin to the space between the upper and lower lips, then this should be twice the distance from this point to the bottom of the nose.

The distance from the chin to the bottom of the lower lip should be the same as the distance from the bottom of the bottom lip to the bottom of the nose.

From the side it can be helpful to take a photo. Is the chin crease very deep? Does the chin stop before the lower lip? These are signs that the crease and the chin may need projection. Here is a helpful guide which you can use to tell if your chin could do with more projection:


How to check if you have a small chin for chin filler treatment.

This easy guide will tell you if your chin is small and requires more projection with chin fillers

The chin width in women will be roughly the distance between the inner corners of the eyes. In men, the chin is wider and is roughly the same width as the mouth.

What should I do next?

If you would like to consider chin fillers, please arrange to see one of our Doctors  in London who will be happy to help. You will receive our expertise in this area:

  • Detailed consultation to design an individualised treatment plan
  • Chin fillers may be prescribed alone or in combination with other treatments appropriate for your needs
  • Chin fillers are a very safe and effective treatment when delivered by specialist doctors.
  • We offer a full dermatology and aesthetic medicine service, giving you confidence we can deliver safe and effective treatment.
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