Filler Injections

Filler injections at Belgravia Dermatology

  • Why – Fillers are substances injected under the skin to hydrate the skin and replenish volume. They can be used to skilfully remove shadows and imbalances, while bringing back symmetry and balance to features.
  • Where – Lips, cheeks, chin, around the eyes, temples
  • Frequency – Every 6 to 18 months
  • Results – Instant
  • Downtime – Minimal

Filler injections – our results

What are filler injections?

Fillers are substances which are injected under the skin. In simple terms, they occupy space and so fill a void if there is one, or project the tissues in other instances. In doing so they can improve the appearance of the face by bringing back balance and proportion. Fillers can also be used to fill and improve very fine lines and wrinkles.

Volume replacement

One of the main uses of fillers is to replace volume where it has been lost such as in the cheeks and around the eyes, as well as in the temples and forehead.

Lip Fillers

Fillers can be used to improve the size, shape and outline of lips

Chin and jawline correction

Fillers are also used to create balance in the lower face by strengthening a weak chin and straightening the jawline, thereby improving the appearance of jowls. Squaring of the jaw and chin can be produced in men.

Lines and wrinkles

Fillers can also be used to directly fill out lines and wrinkles

Restoration of facial proportions

One of the main uses of filler injections is to restore the proportions of the face

Are filler injections safe?

Filler injections have been used for over 20 years and have been shown to be safe and effective in numerous scientific papers. As for all medical treatments, there can be side effects and it is important to choose an experienced practitioner who has detailed knowledge of facial anatomy in order to minimise these.

Filler injections at Belgravia Dermatology

  • Detailed consultation and aesthetic facial analysis by a Dermatologist to design an individualised treatment plan
  • Filler injections to specific anatomic targets to suit your individual face, giving a soft and natural result

How effective are filler injections?

The level of satisfaction among patients who have filler injections is very high. Our Dermatologists are experienced and skilled at administering filler relaxing injections, as this requires a thorough knowledge of anatomy in order to get a natural result while minimising the risks of any side effects.

Most of our clients wish to pursue a subtle transformation, and we are able to provide reassurance that at no stage will the transformation be so dramatic that you no longer look like yourself.

What should I do next?

If you would like to be considered for treatment with filler injections then please arrange to see one of our Dermatologists who will be happy to help.

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