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We offer the latest evidence based treatments to offer optimum results to our patients. Find out more about the treatments which we offer.


Minor surgery

Minor surgery What is minor surgery? Minor surgery is the removal of benign (harmless) skin lesions under local anaesthetic. Several different lesions can be removed in a minimally invasive fashion, including: Seborrheoic keratoses Viral warts Cysts Lipomas Milia Skin [...]



Cryotherapy What is cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is the freezing of skin lesions with a cold gas such as nitrous oxide (boiling point of -88 degrees centigrade) or liquid nitrogen (boiling point of -196 degrees centigrade). Cryotherapy may be recommended for [...]


Skin biopsy

Skin biopsy What is a skin biopsy? A skin biopsy is a short procedure where a sample of skin is removed and sent to the Pathology laboratory to be analysed under the microscope. A skin biopsy will help to [...]


Chemical peels

Chemical Peel What is a chemical peel? Chemical peel is the application of specific chemicals, usually acids, to the surface of the skin. This causes the top layers of the skin to shed. New skin growth is stimulated, and [...]



Tixel What is Tixel? Tixel is a totally new way of treating the skin using thermo-mechanical ablative (TMA) technology. In simple terms, it employs the direct use of heat to produce the desirable effects of anti-ageing and scar improvement. Unlike [...]


Filler injections

Filler injections What are filler injections? Fillers are substances which are injected under the skin. In simple terms, they occupy space and so fill a void if there is one, or project the tissues in other instances. In doing [...]


We offer an integrated service in which we are able to help with any concerns which you may have relating to your skin, whether medical, surgical or aesthetic.