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Skin cancer surgery

What is skin cancer surgery?

Skin cancer surgery is the removal of a skin cancer under local anaesthetic. The skin cancer will usually be removed with a safety margin of normal looking skin, as per the national guidelines for the tumour type. The wound that results may be stitched together as a straight line. Occasionally the wound is left to heal naturally or covered with adjacent skin.

Preparing for skin cancer surgery

To prepare for the procedure you should follow the steps below:

  • Prepare a list of medications that you are taking. Ensure you have you have notified your Dermatologist if you are on any blood thinning medications such as aspirin or warfarin, in case these need to be stopped.
  • Make sure you have a supply of your usual painkiller such as paracetamol.
  • Eat and drink normally. Light meals are preferable on the day of the procedure.

Skin cancer surgery at Belgravia Dermatology

  • A full skin cancer treatment service is provided by Belgravia Dermatology

  • Skin cancer surgery is usually carried out under local anaesthetic

  • A detailed discussion will take place with your Dermatologist before skin cancer surgery

“Many skin cancers can be successfully treated by removing them under local anaesthetic.”



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