Cryotherapy at Belgravia Dermatology

  • Why – Cryotherapy is the freezing away of skin lesions which are not wanted such as skin tags, warts, sun spots and seborrhoeic keratoses
  • Where – Anywhere on the body
  • Frequency – One treatment may be enough but some lesions such as warts may require treatment every 4 weeks until they are gone
  • Results – Usually within a few days
  • Downtime – There may be mild irritation or scabbing for a few hours to a few days

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the freezing of skin lesions with a cold gas such as nitrous oxide (boiling point of -88 degrees centigrade) or liquid nitrogen (boiling point of -196 degrees centigrade). Cryotherapy may be recommended for various different skin lesions including:

  • Skin tags
  • Seborrhoiec warts
  • Viral warts
  • Sun spots
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Bowen’s disease
  • Superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma

What to expect

The effects of cryotherapy are similar to a small burn. The treated area will become sore, swollen and red for a day or two. Paracetamol can be taken for discomfort. The area can be left uncovered. Apply vaseline three times a day until any scabs have separated. If a blister forms, this can be pricked with a needle that has been sterilised in the steam of a kettle.

Cryotherapy at Belgravia Dermatology

  • Cryotherapy treatment may be recommended by your Dermatologist.
  • It is a short procedure carried out without anaesthesia.
  • You can return to normal activities straight away.
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