Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments

About 40% of our patients require one or more follow up consultations. You are welcome to make a follow up appointment at a time that is convenient time for you. As the Clinic is very busy, we advise you to make your follow up appointment in good time.

You may require one or multiple follow up consultations for the following reasons:

  • The nature of your condition is still being evaluated.
  • You would like to discuss your condition or treatment again.
  • You have additional queries about your condition, treatment or a procedure you are planning to have.
  • Your skin or hair condition is ongoing.
  • Your skin or hair condition has flared, changed, fluctuated or recurred.
  • You have been prescribed medications which means you require regular review and monitoring.
  • Your medications requires modification. Each individual reacts to treatment very differently. A particular treatment plan is not always effective and may require amendment in some cases.
  • You have developed new skin or hair concerns (you may be asked to make a further initial consultation).
  • You have experienced a reaction to medication or a side effect that requires treatment.
  • You require ongoing medical care or support following a procedure (initial wound checks are included in the procedure fee).

Your doctor may recommend you make a follow up appointment before you leave, or you may be asked to make a follow up appointment at a later stage.

Can I have an E-mail or telephone consultation?

We do offer online video consultation and if your condition permits, this may be a suitable alternative.

Can I see my GP?

You are able to see your GP as required, and we would encourage you to do so. Your GP will receive a copy of all the communications sent out to you so the records they have are complete.

Is there a charge for a follow up consultation?

Yes. Follow up consultations are charged for according to the current price list. A standard follow up appointment is for up to 20 minutes. If you feel you require additional time then please request an extended follow up appointment which is charged at an additional rate.

How do I make a follow up appointment?

A follow up appointment can be made by telephoning the practice or by E-mailing us. If an appointment is not available in the time frame you require, we are able to add you to our cancellation list.

I do not wish to make a further follow up consultation and would like to transfer to the NHS

You can find out more about your rights to NHS treatment here. We would recommend you discuss transferring to the NHS with your GP.