Dr Harryono Judodihardjo has been sharing his pearls of wisdom at the leading Malaysian Conference on Aesthetic Medicine this week. His keynote lectures were on how doctors should assess and treat a challenging face and on ow to run a successful clinic.

We asked Dr Judodihardjo a few questions about his experience.

What were the highlights?

It was a fantastic conference and I am very pleased to have been invited as an International Keynote Speaker. There were some excellent talks and the audience was very engaging.

What were the key points you made in your lecture on the ‘Challenging Face’?

I stressed that each face is unique and a thorough assessment is required before embarking on any treatment.

Clinicians must move away from a ‘one size fits all’ method and tailor their treatments to the requirements of any given individual. For example, for those administering Botulinum toxin injections, the dose and location of every injection should be considered in relation to that patient’s anatomical requirements.

Fillers should also not be injected indiscriminately. This can risk bringing features out of proportion and we are unfortunately still seeing oversized lips and cheeks. Instead, the unique characteristics of a face should be assessed and fillers should be used to bring patients to their aesthetic ideals.

What about your lecture regarding running a successful clinic?

The patient must remain at the centre of all focus. In my clinics in London and Cardiff, these are the principles we apply which have led to our success. We focus on developing a long term relationship with our patients, who can rely on us to provide a consistent and high standard of clinical care

Dr Harryono Judodihardjo is an Aesthetic Dermatologist and has 20 years’ experience in cosmetic dermatology treatments. Consultations with Dr Judodihardjo are available exclusively at Belgravia Dermatology.

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